She Makes War

New album "Direction Of Travel" available for pre-order NOW via Pledge Music

Advance downloads of my third album "Direction Of Travel" are available to pre-order now exclusively from Pledge Music.

I don't have a public release date set for the album yet so that means the only way to hear the new songs this side of the summer is to pre-order it here. I'll be uploading it by the end of April - I'm so excited to share what I consider to be my very best work so far with you.

"Direction Of Travel" is a musing on my place in the world, on journeying - physical and metaphysical, growing older, defining priorities, searching for love, being independent and becoming more familiar with fear, loss and grief. The direction of travel is ever onwards - not all those who wander are lost.

I'm lucky enough to have some very special guest musicians involved with this new album, namely:

Tanya Donelly (Belly, Throwing Muses) - vocals 
Mark Chadwick (Levellers) - vocals 
Andrew Skeet (The Divine Comedy) - string arranging 
Martin & Kimberlee McCarrick (This Mortal Coil, Marc Almond, Kristin Hersh) - cello and violin 
Clive Deamer (Portishead, Radiohead) - drums 
Simon Goff (Hope And Social, And The Wiremen) - violin 
Cajita - piano 
Nicole Robson (Bat For Lashes) - cello 
Andy Sutor (Adding Machine) - drums

The album was produced by me, engineered by TJ Allen and mixed by Dan Austin. Special thanks go to Jim Barr and Adrian Utley for their help with gear and additional recording spaces.